Zombie Rollerz


Finish off all the zombies -- pinball style


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Zombie Rollerz is a very original action game where you fend yourself from hordes of zombies in a somewhat different way than usual: based on hits in a pinball game. Basically this game is a hair raising genre-bender that's chock full of possibilities.

Game systems in Zombie Rollerz as fun as fun can be. You'll have to clear enemies from each screen of the game using the swipers at the bottom. You'll tap on each one of them to send the ball flying towards the various zombies that are wandering around each level, but that 'level' is actually just a pinball field.

Honestly, we're not looking at your average, run-of-the-mill conventional pinball game. Instead you'll find there are many different characters and abilities that completely change the dynamics of each level. Equip yourself with the weapons you need to kill off zombies and overcome each different level within the entertaining story mode.

Zombie Rollerz is an excellent action game that has pinball-like mechanics and tons of zombies that has managed to create gameplay that is truly one of a kind. It looks like you're going to be enjoying this game for a long time to come thanks to its colorful visuals and its exciting combats against final bosses.
By Erika Okumura
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Android 4.4 and later required

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